12.31.17 New Year’s Eve

Salad at Silly Al's in Quartzsite AZ, Roaming Raven RV

After arriving in Quartzsite, AZ, I parked my rig at the Texas BBQ RV Park behind Silly Al’s Famous Pizza (Tavern).  A fluke happened with my brakes which were metal to metal when I pulled into town (thus parking at an RV park).  The RV parks ran a gamut of amenities.  You can get full-hookup or you can dry camp for a few dollars and pay for your water and dumping as needed.  Texas BBQ RV Park was a dry encampment close to everything.

The auto shop could not get me in until January 2, 2018.  My generator continued to spit and sputter making usable energy questionable. I chose to focus on the brakes and follow up with the generator being focused on after the brakes were fixed.  The way Quartzsite is mapped, I was within walking distance of everything.

Tonight I will wander over to Silly Al’s for dinner.  A dinner salad with chicken added.  They offer a Spinach-Pesto pizza, also.  I’ll try it before I leave the area.  But tonight, I need veggies.Salad at Silly Al's in Quartzsite AZ, Roaming Raven RV