About – who- Roaming Raven RV, Cleo and Joe

What am I doing living and traveling in an RV?  I’m a paranormal suspense author. My lifestyle allows me to be more creative, inspired, and free to travel across the backroads of the United States.

Why would you live in an RV?  A van is to small.  The Class A style might be like driving a bus.  I choose to live in a Class C.  Although, the slide-in truck camper would have been a good choice for me also.  But, I had already been there done that in the slide-in and wanted it to be roomier.  Now I have a small galley kitchen, my office chair, and a smaller dinette.  I’ve rearranged and repurposed many things inside Buffy, my RV.

When did you do this?  After my hubby and mother passed away in 2015.  I settled both of their estates and hit the road.  Before, marriage I graduated high school and moved a lot.  Then I joined the U.S. Navy and they moved me a lot.  As a single mom, I moved a lot.  I would get bored with the apartment and move to the next one.  When school time arrived, we settled into a mobile home that wasn’t mobile and weekends we set up a tent at area state parks.  Summer’s were ideal for us to travel together over long weekends.  I had a stationary job, it sucked.  When I became single again, and the children were on their own, I began my cycle of traveling on the cheap.

Where do I travel to?  Isn’t it expensive to vacation 24/7/365?  Honestly, I would be financially broke if I vacationed 24/7/365.  My vacations are on the opposite side of the spectrum of the lavish holidays, resorts, and themed parks.  I travel the backroads, not the freeways.  The camp is set up in dispersed camping areas of National Forests and BLM lands.  The main expense I have is the fuel between each camp I set up.

If you seek a nomadic life on the road, full time or as a weekend nomad my blog will help you decide the how’s and when’s.  If you have the desire, you know why you want to embrace the nomadic lifestyle.  That’s the first step.  Is it to save money?  Own your own home and travel?  Or something else?  Mine was something else, I wanted to move around, write from new places, meet new people and camp in the wild every night.

I invite you to join me as I vlog and blog about my journey through life.  Questions are answered on Youtube and Instagram.