Again already?

Still optimistic about my trip.  AND another YouTuber contacted me about caravanning together.  This sounds fun.  I’m waiting for him to let me know his plans.  The time approaches and no contact.  So, I take the initiative and contact him.  He changed his mind and plans.  No worries, I’ll shift my plans and leave in the morning.

That evening after dinner, I sat in the RV relaxing and answering psychic questions for clients.  Yet, I am not seeing anything concerning my own current issues.  When the most awful sound began outside.  I thought the sound came from my daughter’s vehicle and get out to investigate only to realize it was my rig.  I stopped myself from asking, ‘what else?’  My passenger outside rear dually is hissing air.  The valve stem broke.

I called around for a mobile unit. No one would tackle an RV in a driveway.  The semi-tractor company said, yes they would assist but the service call begins at $500 and they insist on a new tire and valve. I didn’t need a new tire.  They would be the last resort.  I continued to call around the area.  Finally, in Piqua, Ohio a mobile unit and the manager didn’t want to do it because he didn’t want to charge me for two service calls which he deemed needed because he was sure they could not repair the tire in the driveway.  Even with their two service charges, the cost was considerably less than the big rig company.  Let’s do it.  Tomorrow will be the earliest he can do it.

Woo hoo – today, I received confirmation they scheduled my tire for fixing.

Less than $200 and a night of good sleep, all was well.  I have a video of the work done.  Aaron did the work in the driveway.  Best-One Tires and Service in Piqua, Ohio did me right!

I agreed to keep the grandchildren while daughter #3 and hubby grocery shop on Saturday.