Bookfest canceled

Arm Chair Ghost Hunting

Renee Pellegrino and I publish our marketing book, ‘The Missing Locket’ via Amazon and High Sea Press.  Life is good and exciting.  The Mountain Bookfest is June 15th and I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning for Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Oh, wait.  The driver’s rear outside dually is flat.  No worries, I have a compressor just for this very reason. Ought oh!  It doesn’t reach from the dash plug-in to the rear tire.

I wait until my son-in-law comes home and we wrestle his larger air compressor to my rig.  Several attempts and wah-lah success.  Now to pack the rig for the trip east.

Oh, wait.  It’s still the seventh and we receive notification the Mountain Bookfest has been canceled for personal reasons. Really?!?

So, Renee and I cancel the trip east.  I’m still upbeat as we accomplished the edits and publishing of the novella, ‘The Missing Locket’ and the booklet, ‘Armchair Ghost Hunting.’

Renee writes in the romance mystery genre.  I write paranormal suspense.  You might ask how we co-wrote a novella in both genres.  Renee’s main characters, Danielle and Callie, from the novel, ‘Because of You’ seek my main character, Tracy Richards from ‘Small Bit of Justice’ for a bit of closure through a seance.  The story is short, answers the question Danielle and Callie seek and suggests to the reader to read the other two novels.

‘Armchair Ghost Hunting’ compiled full of links to websites that encourage ghost hunting from your armchair or computer chair.  These links have a short URL for easy exploration.  There are links to equipment used in the field of ghost hunting in case the reader would like to explore outside the realm of their armchair.