Boondocking, Flying J and Pilot

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Boondocking is defined as living off the grid.  Whether you use a generator, solar or wind, if you are self-contained and your RV living quarters are not connected to a company owned power plant of some type you’re boondocking.  

Many full-time RVers boondock a couple weeks at a time and replenish supplies and move on.  Some folks enjoy RV living from a longer stationary period of 2 weeks, while others are on the move constantly.  Most have cell phones andRv Life, Rv living, boondocking, powwows, metaphysics, ghosthunting, magick internet that are powered or recharged by an off-grid power source.  

My internet and cellphone are charged through the RV’s truck engine.  When I use the generator, they are powered that way. Granted, my internet is spotty when it comes to non-urban boondocking choices.  I have AT&T car-connect for internet, and my cellphone is through Straighttalk with a Verizon cell phone.

After a couple of weeks of boondocking, I seek the I use of a Flying J dump stations.  With their commercial rewards card, you can dump for $3.  If you hold the regular rewards card, I believe, it is $10.  I’ll fill up at the Flying J and Pilot, ask if and where it is ok to overnight park.  Usually, it is not with the trucks but ok to run the generator.  I have an exhaust pipe for the generator.  It never fails a car will pull in beside me and park, too.  If I didn’t use the exhaust pipe, their paint job would be toast.