Brakes Work, Generator Runs, and Silly Al’s

Moon Rise over Silly Al's

I thought I would share with you today how I found Standage Tire and Auto in Blythe, California.  I began by asking the locals who they take their vehicle to for work.  I asked the waitress, convenience storeStandage Tire & Auto, Blythe, CA clerk, folks at the laundromat, and various other places I visited and when three out of four said Standage Tire and Auto in Blythe that was my cue to give them a call.  After explaining I was traveling through and what I thought it was doing, they told me to bring it in early and they would work me in.  They were extremely nice, courteous, and thoughtful of Cleo, Joe and I.  They charged about what I had paid to have the Silverado’s rear-brakes done last summer.

After leaving there I headed to RV Lifestyles for my generator repair.  Again, super nice and courteous.  Their sign said $90 an hour for labor.  They opened it up, tinkered, added (my) oil and started and stopped it several times.  Now it runs loud but runs.  Because it did notRV Lifestyles, Dome Rock Road, Quartzsite, AZ need parts and they added oil from my supply, they didn’t charge me anything.  Charged Me Nothing.  I feel blessed!

This evening I went to Silly Al’s to celebrate my good fortune.  The Spinach-Pesto Pizza was delicious.  I forgot to take a photo of it.  Topped dinner off with Lemonade and took a cup of it home with me.