Casey’s General Store RV

Drove to Stuart, Iowa.  Casey’s General Store allowed RV parking.  I was the only one.  Yippy skippy. Ha! By 11:30p trucks had me boxed in like a sardine.  My generator sounded odd, and I turned it off.  To hot to leave the windows closed and too many diesel fumes to leave them open.  I headed west again.

Maybe two exits beyond Casey’s General Store was the city of Adair, complete with a city park for camping.  It was $15 a night that included electric with access to water and a dump station.  I parked and turned on the air conditioning.  Life is good.

Another RVer left early, and I continued my morning routine of coffee, reading edits, and feeding the pups their dry kibble. I checked the Highway weather advised caution because the heatwave should arrive that afternoon and it would affect the next three states I would travel through.  I stayed put.  I had electric for my air conditioning, plenty of water, showers in the washhouse.

The heat advisory was in effect until Saturday.  No need to push my rig over one-hundred-twenty-degree asphalt.  I’ll stay until Sunday morning.