Comfort vs Freedom

Salad at Silly Al's in Quartzsite AZ, Roaming Raven RV

Comfort vs Freedom

According to Bob Wells of Cheap RV Living, you can not have both.  First I believe you need to define for yourself what comforts you will want or need while camping.  Then you will want to define what Freedom means to you.  Living full time in an RV should be considered camping or it could be against the law.

Many who follow Bob Wells youtube or website choose to travel in a van.  I did this right after getting out of the military. Hubby and I had a 1978 e-150 cargo van with nothing inside but a futon.  Not much comfort for an eight-month pregnant lady, but freedom of no bills as we saved for a home and our little one. Would I return to a van?  It would not be my first choice, nor would the pickup truck with a cap or slide in camper be the first choice at this time either.

Comfort to me is having a bathroom with potty and shower, a kitchen with running hot water.  My class C offers me that comfort. Freedom is being debt free, traveling and seeing the wonders of North America, and watching a campfire with a beautiful sunrise and or sunset.  My class C also offers me that freedom. That is ideal.

The downside to my ideal life is I have more things to break than a van does.  A van and the motorcoach both have the same mechanics. The motorcoach also has solar, generators, stove, sink, refrigerator and bathroom fixtures that could develop problems at any given time.  Maintenance of the motorcoach is not always as flexible as with a cookstove in a van, a five-gallon jug of water, or a portable potty bucket.

Be realistic about what you want to maintain as well as what you want for comfort.  If you have pets, please consider something larger than a van for them to roam. Yes, a van is larger than a small crate, but for both of you to sprawl out in the evenings, a Class C provides a little more space.

Research, tent camp, rent a u-Haul van for a weekend and sleep in it.  Make sure you, if this is a choice, that you won’t regret the choice you make in the name of freedom.  

Ask someone you know who does this if you can caravan with them on a trip.  Make sure this is really a comfort/freedom choice you will enjoy after you make the decision.  For those of you that have this lifestyle forced upon you, find a mentor.