Creative Space

This morning while meditating and drinking coffee, it came to me that I need a creative workspace in the RV.  Last year while in the desert, my workspace was outside. The creative juices flowed. This past six months the creative flow hasn’t continued to flow.  I had to ask myself, what stopped the flow? The only change was the return to the farm. I was creative before I began the journey west, so what happened to my flow?

After watching Chrome Valdez and his youtube channel #vancityvanlife, it occurred to me that I no longer have a creative workspace. Do I need a space like his?  No! I can appreciate his van build with all the clean lines and admire the black & white contemporary lines he has provided for his space, though copying it is not something that would inspire my creative flow.

The removal of all the carpet made me extremely pleased.  I had white Congoleum under the worn carpet. Win! Except for the slew of staples that I’ve slowly pulled out.  The carpet runners make a nice insulation for sound as we travel down the road. Yet, here I am uninspired to be creative while in my home space.      

Part of me would like to trade my Class C for a different floorplan.  The RV I had chosen probably will not happen. I’ll continue to modify my RV to best suit me.  To return to the original question, what happened to my flow? I think the unfinished feel it has with the carpet removed infected my creative flow.  The staple riddled floor is nowhere near being ready for new flooring.

What will I do to inspire my creative flow to return?  I’ll create a new style backsplash and then new wallpaper in the dinette area, followed by new curtains.  My goal will be to have winter curtain decor and in the spring a lighter weight decor. Of course, there will be daily staple removing along the way.  Long time goal – new floor, new backsplash and wallpaper for the dinette.

Roaming Raven RV, Dinette wallpaper, contact paper, Cynthia Carver, author
current choice for Dinette Wallpaper
current choice for kitchen backsplash
current choice for new flooring