Downsizing, Moving, and Decluttering

farm base camp

Downsizing, Moving, and Decluttering paperwork was the order of yesterday.  My goal over the past year was to move entirely out of my home and begin traveling.  What I haven’t tossed or given away was moved to a utility trailer so I will have it once I return to a stick and brick home.

This was inspired one day while thinking of my hubby and mother who had passed within 21 days of one another.  Hubby and I had lived in a Lance slide in truck camper for five years before he became so ill we needed more room for his medical equipment.  Mom and I would do weekend to week-long jaunts in her class-c motorhome. From the living room where I rocked in my comfy black leather Lazy-Boy rocker, I saw her motorhome through the dining room window and heard my hubby ask, “What’s stopping you from hitting the road?  You’re so bored here. Get out and live.”

In that instant, I began downsizing.  Then I began packing what I wanted to keep and what my daughters didn’t want I gave to the local thrift store.  It has taken me longer than I wanted. Life happens, plumbing malfunctions, furnace needs replaced, and bathrooms require remodels.  

Yesterday I tackled the dreaded medical care paperwork of hubby and mom.  I’ll save it for seven years like I do my taxes and in 2022, I’ll set them afire.  It really feels good to remove all the unnecessary debris from my home. Sure I have family heirlooms I am keeping, things that can not be replaced.  Those items will become the main portion of my home. The rest will go to the dump, the fire ring in the backyard, or the Salvation Army Thrift store.

When I reach the bare minimum of what I want to keep, I will store it in a utility trailer and live in my mom’s RV.  It is a McMansion compared to the little camper hubby and I lived in. I have a record of my travels at and my patreon page at  

Patreon has an audio of my book, SMALL BIT OF JUSTICE.  Each chapter is about twelve minutes long via youtube as a podcast.