Goode Ford Burley, ID

Transmission issues continued.  I stopped to get gas, check-in with Barbara and Mike, and by the end of the exit ramp, I had wished I was still in Moose, WY.  Good Sam Roadside Assist towed me in the direction I had come from.  The tow charge was $300 and Good Sam required I pay $63 for the return trip.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  I paid them for two years of assistance and I still had to pay for a tow.  Searching for a different roadside assist service is underway.

The only service center in the area was Goode Ford.  They put me up in the rear lot and connected me to shore power.  Woohoo, I had AC.  Today, I had the internet and AC while I waited in their customer lounge.  They agreed to do a tuneup, several maintenance items I requested, and the main part will be here tomorrow.

I know it seems as if I have had nothing but problems recently.  Buffy is nineteen years old and my previous issues of flat tires and brakes are normal for any vehicle.  The solenoid is a recall, and not covered by Ford because it is a V-10.  I am unhappy with Ford for not standing behind their RV chassis.  Even this mechanic told me, Buffy is a keeper.

After forty-eight hours at Goode Ford, Burley, ID, Buffy and I are on the road again.  We overnight at a Cracker Barrell with permission from the manager.  It was so hot our fan couldn’t keep us cool.  The pups and I had a rough night.  Goode Ford spoiled us with the shore power to run the AC.  All is well and we head west yet again.