How does writing fit with living on the road?

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How does writing fit with living on the road?  Actually, very easily. Since my writing is a hobby, I write about 2 hours a day instead of the 4-6 hours like a full time author.   After coffee and sometimes a fruit smoothie, the writing begins.

When I began writing, my first short story went into a bidding war in the UK.  The same story the two writing groups I belonged to told me was not a worthy piece of fiction.  Unfortunately, I did not learn from that. Now, eighteen years later, I have learned. If you write it and you’ve read it aloud to yourself, and you still like it then publish it.  Whether you put it on a blog, self-publish, or keep it in a drawer for your own pleasure…someone, somewhere, will enjoy it beyond the pleasure it gave you to write it.

AND That is my non-professional opinion!