Howdy – long time no post

This past year treated me no differently from the rest of the USA. I returned to Ohio to an empty home. The caretaker had abandoned it. Grass to my knees, furnace didn’t work, and a mess of debris, limbs, sticks, and just an incredible mess. While cleaning up the exterior, I began painting the interior. The homestead began looking good again.

My fickleness on selling the homestead caused major disruption to my calm demeanor. The unpredictable decision making ‘to sell’ no wait, ‘to stay’ no wait, ‘to sell’ that flowed through my thoughts daily for the last five years came to a pull on stop when a nomadic friend stopped in to see me. The reason I would decide to sell appeared yet again, and this time the realization that after five years, nothing was going to change. I called a realtor for an appraisal and within 24 hours I had two offers before it hit the market.

During all that temperamental process, I returned to school and get my certification to teach hypnosis. For those who know me, I did psychic readings online since the 1980s and retired in 2019. I’ve written a couple of books and take part in Nanowrimo each year. But I wanted something else to do. I began offering hypnosis through Zoom and went one step further and begin a business, Third Mind Hypnosis.

I enjoy being close to my daughters, and with the sale of the homestead going through, I looked for yearly or work campsites within an hour’s drive of the center point of them. Tomorrow I will look at three an hour north of the homestead. May 1, I will return to RV Life full time.

Here’s what is in store for you. Many want to have something they can do on the road. With a solid internet connection, I will show you how to develop your own business and thrive.