Is my writing a hobby?

Arm Chair Ghost Hunting

Is my writing a hobby?  Yes, it is. I have never figured out how to manage my writing time.  I either binge write or my characters and I take a leave of absence from one another.  Writers who accomplish publication do not over edit and don’t take a leave of absence for more than a weekend at most.

I would love to be able to devote 4 hours a day to storytelling.  So far it hasn’t worked consistently for me. Before long the 9-5 draws me back in because I need that dreaded paycheck.  I hear you, oh I know many writers are successful at managing their time and capable of doing both. Realistically, I am not one of them.

During my formative years as a writer, I paid attention to everyone telling me how to do it.  The important thing is I forgot to research who was telling me what. Those people who trash talked my work, most were not published.  The editors that cut and snipped my story to shreds, couldn’t get hired at a bricks and sticks publishing company.

When my last edit was returned to me, I went into a slump.  Seriously, I could not read it. It made no sense to me at all.  I let a friend and her husband read it, also they could not get through the first chapter.  Then one of my students said she would figure out what was my writing and what writing was not mine.  She made it to chapter three. I walked away from it for over a year.

After hubby passed in June of 2015, I hit the road again.  I did some writing and more editing than anything. While watching my favorite YouTube ‘starz’ I was introduced to Patreon.  My story is going up as an audio. Then I will have it transcribed and submit it to Penguin as a Mystery.

Currently, Patreon will host my Work In Progress. My patrons will be able to give me feedback on my storyline, the flow, and my ending.  It is not a romance, it might have a romance type of tension that is to be dealt with in the future. Subsequently, my patrons will have access to ARC’s (advance reader copy – not for resale) and limited first editions. Plus, be privy to the next storyline for the book that will follow. Small Bit of Justice is the first book in the series.  It is in the form of a podcast with each chapter being about twelve minutes in length.

My stories include mystery, a bit of thriller, always a heaping cup of paranormal and written in first person. They are fiction meaning they are not true.  Because they are written in first person, does not mean that it happened to me. I may have been inspired to write the novel from a two-minute blurb on the news or overhearing a thirty-second conversation in the grocery line.  It is fun to fill in the rest of the story with pure imagination.

Thank you for following my blog, youtube channel and possibly facebook sporadic postings.