Is traveling solo safe?

Cleo and Joe's stroller

As a female solo traveler, (knock on wood) I live and travel in the USA. I have not received the dreaded knock, I have not been harassed, I have not felt unsafe.

I park with the nose of my vehicle headed in the direction I can pull out and keep on going if need be. I’ve never needed to actually use that safety precaution. When camp is set up, I put two chairs out and a table between them with two cups, not always but it’s there. I have safety items on my dashboard and passenger seat.

Safety items on the dash include my husband’s Marine cap, his phone case (mossey oak), and an old box of gun shells, minus the shells plus men’s boots on the seat along with a jean jacket.  It doesn’t scream to the world that I am traveling alone. And I’m not, I have the pups with me.

Many people take the passenger seat out, to me this says I am traveling alone and no one else is here. Yet, the additional storage space would be welcomed. I still have a passenger seat.

I had a correctional officer tell me one time that during his time interviewing big bad tough guys, their main fear when breaking into a place was a dog. Not the rott, pit, or german shepherd because you can toss a piece of meat and they are on it. But the little guys, terrier breeds such as Westies, Pom’s, Yorkies, Jack Russells… because they are harder to distract.

Now, he could have been not telling me the truth or maybe he was … but my two little guys are noise makers when things aren’t right. If I dont listen to my gut, I do listen to their bark. Or course that bark will go off at skunks, raccoons, tree branches and thunder. They are learning to use inside voices about 2% of the time.

We have to either embrace confidence or fear, both can not reside in the same vessel at the same time.

Use common sense. Watch, listen, be aware of your surroundings.

Pack Fear in the train-trunk and Wear Caution all the time.