RV Life at one month and Ghosts

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My on the road time this month was three out of the four weeks. I discovered that BLM (Bureau of Land Management) offers free boondocking. I chose one in Daniel Boone National Forest. Let me say some roads are not meant for a 27-foot vehicle with a semi hauling timber coming towards me. Exciting…not! Yikes.

AT&T internet did not work nor did my Straighttalk phone service. I did get the creative juices flowing again and that has inspired me to continue blogging about my experiences.

In the evenings I admired the sparkling sky, the sounds of the forest, and the Spirits that came and went by. Did I once think I should be recording, take EMF readings, or check thermal readings? Nope. Although, I did use my Ghost Radar App on my phone. Next trip, anywhere even if it is an urban overnight space, I’m pulling out the recorder, night vision if it is dark enough, and the K2 meter.

Early mornings, I heard turkeys on the ridge. I thought I might hear more than birds while I boondocked. My pups were quiet for the most part and I doubt they scared the critters away. During the night it was quiet but not an eery silence. Raccoons, opossums, and deer meandered around the site. Footprints were the concrete evidence that confirmed what had visited.

I considered trying to do videos of these evening encounters. Would you be interested in viewing them? With my degree of being an extremely under qualified amateur videographer, there would be a great deal of raw footage. The authenticity of the video wouldn’t be hard to prove if you knew how to do that sort of thing.

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Until next time… Happy Trails