March blog

Cleo burrowed into the blankets

This month is bittersweet. After leaving Arizona to return to Ohio the experiencing of sadness was a surprise. I knew I would miss the Blessing of Warm Weather. But it felt downright frigid in Ohio. As you can tell, even Cleo is cold. Joe and her hide, sleep and relax under the blankets Why did I return in the winter you might ask, it all had to do with kids.

I signed the small piece of property over to my youngest daughter. She has worked hard on making the old homestead her own. My signing the paperwork was only a legal requirement for her to get busy on building her new home.

Daughter #2 is due to have a baby boy the first part of April. Birth isn’t easy for any woman. This will be her third C-section and last. They had hoped for a little girl, but the doctor has informed us another little boy is on the way.

The solar continues to be a blessing. I’m still learning how to use it optimally. This set of batteries might wear out before they are scheduled too due to using the furnace without a generator. When I wake some mornings the batteries read 11.9.

Generator issues are still abundant and I continue to search for someone to rebuild it. I am almost certain that is what it needs.

This is short and sweet because I dropped the blog update ball. Until next time …