Mohican Powwow

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Last night, we arrived later than anticipated and earlier than many others by a few days to enjoy the ambiance of the energy gathering for one of the largest powwow in Ohio.  This morning fog greeted us in the foothills.  A beautiful morning.  Crows caw and birds chirped and chattered during our early morning.




Yesterday we took a jaunt into town for necessities.  The Mohican Country Market had all we needed for our food.  A couple doors down was a Family Dollar where we purchased bug spray, paper towels, and ammonia for my bug bits.  A little dab will do and sting like the dickens, and the bite stops itching.

A gentleman in the campsite next to ours suggested I stop ‘up on the hill’ and have them check the propane.  I did.Mohican Powwow, RV Life, RV Living,  Evidently, the propane tank should never be actually full.  It should be 80 % at the most.  Since the propane man filled it totally it blew my regulator.  ‘Up on the hill’ RV didn’t have a regulator to replace it with.  When Buffy goes in for her visit with the RV doctor, I’m sure it will be addressed.