Moved to Holtville, California

Holtville, California is home to carrots and more carrots along with the BLM Hot Springs. I had looked forward to this portion of my journey for many years.  Snickers, Highway Pirate and I caravaned to the area and stayed in the LTVA portion.  The area was a combination of mini sand dunes, desert shrubs, and pea gravel.  The harsh stones of the Sonora desert were gone. Small alcoves were made to accommodate campers, ATVers, and bicyclists.

Snickers drove into the area towns and explored on her own. Highway Pirate and I walked everywhere. The actual hot springs hosted a cement area instead of the natural landscape of Slab City’s hot spring. The oasis area held cool clear water and fish.  The ranger informed us, they cleaned the hot spring spa area every Tuesday. Personally, I found there were too many people stuffing themselves into a small area and it seemed uncomfortable to me on many levels and I chose not to experience the warm waters of the spring.