New Years Eve Nomad Bash 2020

Old Friends + New Friends = Fun Times

Cammula and Got Smart (old friends) host happy hour at five-ish each evening.  They haul folks off the beaten path to share in the festivities and thus we develop new friends.  Gold Panner and Highway Pirate are among the new friends that remained in touch.

Gold Panner invited me to travel to the old mine and toss a couple of pans of dirt to see if we located any color.  His mobile desert panning station is s-w-e-e-t! He Americhas a fifty-gallon barrel of water in the backseat area of his truck complete with a water pump and spray nozzled hose. In the bed of the truck, he carried an array of batteries for various tools of the hobby or trade. He had a battery-operated wet vac to use as a drudge.  We sifted through the classifiers and I used my metal detecting wand to check for missed gold nuggets and discovered zero missed.  After dishing up the dirt into a smaller blue pan, he used the spray nozzle to wet the dirt and act as moving water would if in a creek.  The set up was genius.  We found zero gold nuggets and only one half a speck that was lost to the wind.  Not a productive day, but a fun day was had playing in the dirt and water. A bit of confusion about the next meet up and I drove off and left him behind. Shamey on me.

Highway Pirate travels solo with her dog, Harley (named after the bike, not Harlequin and Joker), Snikers (a van dweller), and I headed to Holtville BLM.