Prayer, thy will be done or not?

Roaming Raven RV, Spiritual Musings, Rev Cindy Lee,

For prayer warriors out there praying for others, A good rule of thumb is not to request anything that is not beneficial or detrimental.  Let me give you an example.  Timmy will be our fictitious high school football Quarterback who broke his leg.  The first thing that might crossRoaming Raven RV, Spiritual Musings, Rev Cindy Lee, your mind is to pray it heals quickly and gently.  But what if Timmy doesn’t want it to heal.  He wants to be able to use it as an excuse not to play football.  Timmy only played football because his Daddy wanted him to be the all-star Quarterback. There are a lot of extenuating circumstances when you start meddling through prayer. A lot of good can be done.  A lot of harm can be done.  No, I am not telling you Not to pray.  I am suggesting you be mindful and use responsibility.  

In the past, when someone would ask me if they could pray for me, my standard response is No thank you.  The reason for my response is because I do not know what they are praying for me.  They might want to pray for me to get better, but in their eyes what is better?  Maybe they want to pray for me to get a real house.  I have a real house.  I rent it out to other people who actually need a place live, raise their children, grow their garden, and have their horse.  So for me to be prayed into a situation where I have to return and move into my house would not be a good thing to have happen.  I would think it detrimental.  Because I would have to ask this family to leave so that I could move into my home again.  And maybe that will happen in the next few years.  But today, I am using it as an example of what someone might think is a good idea for me and what I think is a good idea for me.

When you pray against someone’s will, that is considered black magick.  Whether you are Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan or another religion I ask you to be very careful of how you pray.  Because prayer, no matter what religion you are, has power.  Prayer no matter what religion you are has Power.  So it is very useful as you become a prayer warrior to pray with a mindful attitude.  


Thank you for listening.  Bless others as you wish for them to bless you!