Questions Most asked by Newbie Nomads

RTR 2018, camp, Quartzsite AZ

This seemed like the best place to ask some newbie questions that are asked a lot!


  1.  What specific documentation should you keep with you?

               -Drivers license, Passport, Birth Certificate, Social Security card, Medical insurance card, Medical Records, Auto insurance card & policy, auto title and registration

               -Veterans: additionally your VA card, Medical card, DD214

              -Pet Owners: shot records, medical records, any other pet records you may have

**Place in a fireproof safe you can store someplace inconspicuous.


  1.  What states, counties, cities, towns, etc. is it illegal to live in a van?

It is illegal to live in a van, RV, automobile in most states unless in a long term campground or mobile home park.


  1.  What places should nomads generally recommend never going?  

Any place you feel unsafe is a good place to never go.


  1.  What state is best to use as your home base for income tax, registration, insurance, and licensing?

Domicile is different than registration, insurance and licensing.  You have to make the best choice for you. Bob Wells from Cheap RV Living has covered this topic in-depth on his youtube channel and website.  Please do your research before changing residence on a whim. Working in income free states, along with having a domicile in an income free state works for many people.  Personally, I have not made that change.


  1. What are the laws about making money while traveling from state to state?

Same laws apply to you as if you lived there full time.  You file income tax at the end of the year accordingly. Sometimes you will have to file as a non-resident in specific states.  I haven’t had to deal with this in a long time, my work is internet based.


  1.  What’s your favorite thing about nomad living?

Waking to a beautiful sunrise with the colors bursting across the sky, while smelling fresh brewed coffee in my cup.  After a couple cups, I’ll log on and work for a couple of hours and finish the day with a glass of wine watching the majestic artwork of Creator as the blues fade to purple, orange and other fabulous colors spread across the horizon.  

When I am in travel mode it’s the lazy mornings as I enjoy coffee and map out the day.  Then I repeat the above moments of pleasure.