Rawlins, WY

A long day of driving accompanied by full rest areas and truck stops.  When I pulled into the Walmart parking lot in Rawlins, WY, I noticed several RVs and trucks already parked for the night.  Slides out, RV generators running, and blinds pulled.  The pole I parked under said No Overnight Parking.  After nine hours of driving, I was exhausted.  I decided instead of going in to shop, I would wait until morning.  If they allowed me to stay, I would shop and fill the almost empty rig up.

Normally, I would not have taken the chance on a confrontation.  Exhausting won.  A few hours of sleep would put me in a better frame of mine to look for other options.  The train that ran behind Walmart lulled me to sleep.

Next morning, I filled the tank with gas and filled the refrigerator with produce and freezer goods.  I was on my way to the Grand Tetons to meet up with Michael and Barbara of As the Wheels turn RV.