Recent reincarnation experience

RTR 2018

While at the RTR 2018, I met a man who was on a long vacation.  He had big boy toys (CamAm, motorcycle, bike) and the ease of communicating was phenominal for me.  Those that know me, would have thought I had known him for years.  He wore no wedding band, spoke of his daughter and granddaughter.  A couple days into RTR, my deceased husband showed up and told me to ask him about his wife and I did.  He said she had stayed home due to work.  That put the brakes on for me, and we came to a jolted stop.

RTR 2018Now, the night after Jeff my deceased husband came to visit, I was shown that this man and I had experienced a past life.  We had married young and not to long after we were wed, I passed.  Thus the chemisty we felt in this life was a residue from the previous life.

This man had a very narrow view point of life.  Reincarnation was not part of his belief system as a Christian fundamentalist.  While I had chosen to put the brakes on, I found as I re-read the energy of the past few days that I was extremely happy for him.  He had a very successful business and would probably retire as a multi-millionaire.  His marriage was of 34 years and that was ten years longer than Jeff and mine.  I don’t know why he chose to experience a very narrow point of view this life time but it seemed to be working for him.

Here is my verbal musings on the topic: Recent Reincarnation Experience