RV Joey, Other YouTubers, and Treasure

RV Joey, YouTube Drama, Ausia, Caravan Carolyn, Eric Jacobs, Nomadic Fanatic, Panda

After walking around the RTR for three days, I had met a lot of people.  Yet, the only time I had spied CamperVan Kevin was at his entrance to RTR Music area and my exit.  I knew Nomadic Fanatic, Ausia aka PandaMonium, Caravan Carolyn, and others would be there, too.  This place is huge.  Reports of 3,500+ RVs are here.

During my drive to the BLM I had seen Nomadic Fanatic’s Class C leading a caravan of who I thought was RV Joey, Ausia, and others.

I tried to meet Carolyn’s RV Life and the people were 15 deep to meet her.  After sitting on a rock for 20 minutes waiting for it to thin out, I left and later texted her Facebook group that I regretted not meeting her.

RV Joey and I had texted via Patreon.  I wanted to actually meet her, then texted telling her I wished her well.  On one hand, I don’t overwhelm easily, and the other hand a Flight or Fight aka Run emotion flares.  I had reached the Flight or Fight/Run.  She asked I come find her.  My first thought was … how?!?!  where?!?!   I meandered.  Still no sight of the YouTube Famous Ones.  At this point, I am thinking WTFrek… How hard can it be? This is ridiculous lol.   Short story longer…

I moseyed on toward the direction of their encampment.  RV Joey steps out of her rig and it’s like meeting an old friend.  We sequester within her rig.  I was there for maybe an hour and a half.  The time frame is important.  She was putting on her ‘cultured cuteness’ (aka makeup) and seriously was interrupted eight times before she finished.

Her first time caravaning with Eric aka Nomadic Fanatic, Ausia and Carolyn she became the Queen of Humor.  This became a huge bit of drama captured on video when she returned this year to caravan again.  I digress.  She was given a crown because of this first season on YouTube by a supporter (i think).  Thus her modeling it for someone in the doorway while I visited.

Enjoy her video.