RV Life and traveling pets

fenced doggie area, roaming raven, rv life, rv living,

Cleo, a 13.3 pound Westie, and Joe, a 7.5 pound Pomeranian, are my two 4-legged traveling buddies.  Each has their own bed and share one kennel.  The kennel is covered on all sides to give Cleo the security she craves when in strange situations.  Joe’s security is eating his bones in the kennel.  Not only do they each have their own bed, but also their food dish and toys.  The water bowl is a shared object.

Before the RV, Cleo and Joe didn’t travel with me.  I found doggie sitters to stay with them for the weekend or week.  I didn’t want to disrupt their lives and wanted them to know they were secure in their home.  When I decided to move I called a pet psychic to make sure the message was getting through to them correctly about our adventure.  They both assured the pet psychic they would enjoy the new lifestyle.

fenced doggie area, roaming raven, rv life, rv living,
See the doggie fence? They didn’t like it.

I felt I had to chip them as part of the transition.  Some parks wanted verification of their shot records, and I carry that in a handy and easy to get to spot.  They are both runners and have absolutely no manners when asked to return to the RV.  Joe will return when he hears the engine start.  Cleo will run in the opposite directions.  The downside to their new lifestyle is the inability to run in a fenced in yard.  When we first started, I carried a foldable fence for them to be (semi) free within.  They didn’t like it at all and I stopped hauling it around.

RV living can be enjoyable for both the pet and human or equally disastrous.  It helped to keep as much the same for them in their new home.  We are down one kennel due to a lack of floor space.  So far they are adapting.  The food is the biggest issue.  No longer kept in the bag only as I do not want to attract mice into the RV.  I also can no longer buy the 50-pound bags due to the lack of available storage space.  

Beds are Dollar Store pillows with removable pillow shams.  Each one on a separate dinette bench giving them the illusion of being on the couch, which my RV doesn’t contain.  The sleep there most of the time, except when searching for refuge within the kennel set between the two front seats.  They both also like sleeping in the front seats.  Joe in the driver’s chair and Cleo in the passenger seat.  This was funny when they were claiming their areas.  Joe is easy going for most of the time and would growl at Cleo each time he thought she was getting too close.  The air has settled and they each enjoy their side of the cabin.