Temp Tribe…Sisterhood…or something else?

RV Joey, GypsyGirl RV Gypsy Girl, Tammy, Polly Rose, Roaming Raven RV, Sisterhood, New Tribe or something else?

Last night Tammy (GypsyGirl RV GypsyGirl), RV Joey, Polly Rose and I had a Women Who Run with Wolves night or maybe it was a YaYa Sisterhood evening, but none the less it was filled with laughter, whiskey, and a fire.

It began after I moved from the boondocks to join the other three women for a campfire.  Joey had shot a video and was excited to have Eric (Nomadic Fanatic) to see it.   Her excitement was contagious.  We did everything but dance around the campfire.  We didn’t do that because we didn’t think of it.

Before I walked over to the campfire, I shot a couple of photos of the full super moon.  The entities that danced around my site were many.  The link to the video contains an orb darting off the right-hand side of the frame.  It is close to the 14 marker point.

ghost, entities, super moon


The comradery we shared along with the love was truly inspiring.   We all spoke at the same time, listened at the same time, and enjoyed each other’s jibs and jabs at the same time.  Kidding, hierarchy, jesting and adding more fuel to the fire as we shared our life, dreams, hopes, and fears.  There was no judgment toward anyone about what they shared.  Nor Judgment about their hopes and fears.  We took video, still shots, candid and poised all for our own entertainment.


Tammy left this morning to head to her grandchild’s birthday celebration.  She has a new line of organic skincare under production.  Polly Rose will meander at the end of the month to check on her property rentals.  I’m heading to the farm to sign over Markley Manor to my youngest and wait around for the entrance of my newest grandchild to arrive.  Joey will remain here while she has solar installed, and recharges her batteries from dealing with people.

My wish that we remain friends and meet up again. Wel, we will see if it is to be.