The next six weeks

Roaming Raven RV

My dirigible has landed for about the next six weeks.  During this time I will install the closet maid in the kitchen area for canned and dry goods.  Schedule an appointment for the television to be installed on the wall opposite side of the shower.  I thought, “oh yeah I can do that.”  Then I watched a video where the screws went through the shower wall and stuck out into the shower.  At that point, I decided someone else with more experience than I can do that.  

After retrieving the RV from a seven-day stay in the work bay at Camping World, it was demonstrated all systems worked.  By the time I pulled into the farm’s driveway, the generator decided not to work.  It will not stay running and the furnace is blowing colder air than the a/c.

Technical difficulties while I take care of my wedding business.  The next six weeks will be focused on officiating weddings.  This evening’s wedding is a Steampunk wedding. The decor the bride invested became a moment in time showcased on the center of each table.  CosPlay and Geek themed weddings are very fun for me to officiate.  The couple had fun vows which included caring and protecting each other during the zombie apocalypse, the robotic uprising, and future airship travels.  Enjoy some of the photographed centerpieces.