The real facts of RV Life and Propane

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Since moving into the RV named Buffy, the refrigerator has only worked on electric.  I use it as a large cooler when boondocking and it’s not efficient.  The propane quit after it was filled last.  I’ve read and watched videos of others on the RV Life topic and it appeared as if the hosts were always having something go wrong.  In comments, they were accused of e-begging.  Some had newer RVs while others had older.  I’m here to tell you, things happen. Buffy will go to the RV doctor September 25.  They are booked solid prior to that Monday.

The good things happening in the RV include removing the dinette table, using the induction stove top, and adding the new air mattress.  Amazing rest via the new mattress.  I’m thankful for those who have had problems and posted about them.  They have helped me save money by showing me how to fix my own dysfunctions.  

Buffy is a twenty-seven foot Class C 2002 Tioga on a Ford 450 frame.  She has a V-10 and pulls the foothills and mountains fairly easily.  

A gentleman in the campsite (Mohican Powwow post) next to ours suggested I stop ‘up on the hill’ and have them check the propane.  I did.  Evidently, the propane tank should never be actually full.  It should be 80 % at the most.  Since the propane man filled it totally it blew my regulator.  ‘Up on the hill’ RV didn’t have a regulator to replace it with.  I wish I had taken a photo of this place.  The gentlemen appeared honest by not charging me to look at my propane issue.

When Buffy goes in for her visit with the RV doctor, it is on the list of items to be checked and or fixed.

Things on my list:  

RV Life, RV Living, Electric plug into generator<– Generator— it runs but doesn’t supply juice to the RV. Yes, I have it plugged into its self.  It did briefly.  I celebrated and now boondocking.   Coffee is now being made over an open fire.

Refrigerator— doesn’t run on propane.  I’ve cleaned it like Carolyn’s RV Life video showed.  I have a fan in my refrigerator area and she didn’t.  But, that shouldn’t be the problem.  


RV Life, RV Living, corroded water valve<– Water–pump leaky valve and either I don’t have the correct tools or not strong enough to break through the corrosion.

Kitchen faucet— it is a new faucet and its first use was using city hookup when it quit working.

Television— hang on the wall. (I haven’t decided if I will tackle this or hire it done.  Except for the television, I have tried to fix the rest.  Sometimes it seems as if ‘we’re good to go’ and then I boondock and we’re not so good to go.  

It is my opinion that others who tell you of troubles, difficulties, and things going wrong are telling you the facts of RV life, especially in an older RV.