Transmission Issues

Cleo and Joe's stroller

July 18 – 22, 2019

Michael and Barbara invited me to tour Yellowstone via their toad.  Joe, Cleo, and their pup Jazz man all get along.  Hallelujah lol.  Check out the videos coming on Youtube.

July 27, 2019

Barbara, Michael and I decide to head for Oregon.  After disperse camping in Moose, WY we stop in at Gros Ventre.  For ten dollars they allow you to use their dumpsters, dump station and freshwater.  Their granddaughter decides to ride with me for a while and off we go.

Well, not very far as my transmission began to slip.  I pull over and we run a check engine code.  Yep, it’s a transmission solenoid.  We limp to the next point of interest.  It’s a Saturday and the shops are closed.  After a helpful employee of Jackson Lodge recommended a feller, life was looking up.  He recommended me to another guy.  (I reminded myself to take a deep breath.)  He could get to me tomorrow.

Michael took the time to hardwire my 1500w inverter into my solar system. I’m jazzed.  Not comfortable leaving me, they were on a schedule to return their granddaughter home.  I convinced them I would be fine.  Under normal circumstances, I would be by myself anyway.  We would meet up in two days or so.

July 28 – the mechanic arrives.

Yep, it’s the solenoid.  He cleaned it, reconnected it. All was good.  He showed me what needed to be done to get me to Oregon.  And I’m on my way across the Teton Pass at 25 mph.  It was a 10% grade.

I’m aimed for the Shoshone Bannock Casino to meet a Navy buddy.  Amazing friends, fabulous comfort food, and we closed the buffet area up.