Trouble in Paradise

Roaming Raven, RV Life, RV maintenance, Jordan Motor Works Huber Heights Ohio

I’m back on the farm.  As I drove out of the Appalachian hill country my front left hub bearing began to make noise.  When I discovered what the noise, I drove it to my all favorite mechanic since close to home.  Important note:  Bobby does not work on RV’s usually.  His workspace is small and I had to remove my hitch to get the RV into the one and only service bay.  Now, if your RV fits and he can squeeze you in, Jordan Motorworks provides honest service.  And honestly, it scares me to think someday I might have to trust an unknown to work on Buffy, my RV.  He is in Huber Heights, Ohio and if you’re full-time, there are a couple motels close to the exit and his shop.