Tyson Wells and the open markets

Cleo and Joe's stroller

Yesterday I learned I can walk via the wash behind my rig to go under the freeway to Tyson Wells.  By the time we arrived Cleo was limping and being more of a tripod pup.  While her 13.3 pounds makes her a little dog, it becomes fifty pounds after carrying her for fifteen minutes or more.

There were a couple of vendors that carried pet strollers.  I chose a black one.  My arm loved it and Cleo Cleo and Joe's strollerwas happy, too.  The downside of this, by the time I had strolled through the open markets it was literally falling apart at the seams.  I returned it to the vendor and she returned my money without an issue.  I located the other vendor who had big wheeled strollers and the only color she had was pink.  It was half the price of the black and Joe said he could sport pink.  After using it for three days, the front wheel began to fall off and I would have to retighten the nuts to keep it from falling off.  There has to be a better design for this front wheel.