Update on my life

December 14 my #3 daughter gave birth to her son.  I stayed with the twenty-one-month-old big sister.  After much discussion, it was decided I would keep her at their home to make her life as normal as possible.  Her Mom and Dad were off to the children’s hospital as our newest member of the family did not have a natural breathing reflex.  He was too big for the incubator at eight pounds six ounces.  They put him on a ventilator and added a feeding tube.  Big Sister did not visit and was spared the memory of tubes, IV’s, monitors and anything else she might have found unpleasant.  All is well.  Baby brother is now in three to six-month clothes and healthy.  During this six week period, my youngest granddaughter and I have become rather close and that is very enjoyable.

After taking care of daughter #3 as she recovered her C-section, began her own routines and grew comfortable with a newborn and toddler, it was her turn to care for me.  Well, she didn’t get to be the only caretaker.  Her sisters decided she had enough on her plate and agreed if she could take me to the surgeon’s, they would pick up the responsibilities from there.  Daughter #1 picked me up after surgery and delivered me to daughter #2.

All went well while they were able to enjoy themselves at my dopey expense when a water pipe burst under the kitchen.  I stayed seated as I was not allowed to bend.  They took things in stride and made of list of things to do.  Daughter #2 had to crawl under the house via the crawl space to locate said burst pipe.  In the end, she did get stuck and no one took video I was so disappointed.  Daughter #1 gathered her belongings to return to her home, when yes both headlights on her van went out and it was dark.  We had a slumber party without the party.  Next morning, I’m still loopy and they begin getting everything they need to repair pipes and headlights.  Two days later returned me to Daughter #3 for the weekend.

Why did I have surgery?  I had a small basal cell spot on my face removed.  The scar is about three inches long and healing nicely.  I have pictures and spared you 🙂

Next week I return to routines and RVing.

Best Wishes,

Cindy, Cleo & Joe