What does a writer’s day look like?

After writing a scene I will read my work out loud. I’m very famous in my critique Partners world love writing my sentences backward. Reading aloud helps me find my mistakes before I send my work to her.  She will catch many mistakes I did not, making sure the story flows, finding plot holes, or descriptions that do not match with the previous storyline.


I am dyslexic.  Not only does my critique partner find my backward errors, over the last twenty years she has become very fluent in Raven-ese.  When I say I write my sentences in reverse, I mean it can actually look like a foreign language other times it is a transposition.  For example, The first sentence I spoke was originally spoken as (pause) I read my work aloud after writing a scene. Of course, the sentence sounds better when it is transposed to (pause) After writing a scene, I will read my work aloud.


The transitions during this clip equate to my getting up and walking half a mile or so before I begin writing again.  I do Tai Chi, Walk-in circles, yoga stretches about once an hour and writes for 30-45 minutes of the hour.


Thank you for sharing my day.