What I have learned about clothing.

Everyone’s needs are different.  Use what you have instead of purchasing a new wardrobe.   Many women recommend athletic wear, specific brands of shoes, jackets, and sleeping bags.

My body core is rather hot and I wear tanks all year.  As well as a new brand to me, Lularoe. I wash this and hang it to dry, by the next morning it is dry.  I was jeans and tank girl before, now I am tanks and leggings or maxis. An upside, if you gain/lose weight they still fit unlike a pair of jeans.  The clothes are a bit pricey but this gal gives excellent service and your 11th pair is free. https://www.facebook.com/LuLaRoeAmberCorkhill  

As for shoes, I do the dreaded flip flops, along with Mukluks and boots.   Keens are generally my shoe-choice. I require a wide toe box. Camp shoes are a must. I prefer Uggs (or similar) and Crocs.

Winterwear I have two beautiful long, sweater coats to use on the east coast and my winter coat is a Columbia. My winter coat I have not worn yet. Three hats, a felt and a straw along with a toboggan that matches my one long scarf.  I know many also add vests to their wardrobe, I haven’t at this time.

PJ’s include fleece capri and a tank in case of the dreaded knock and for areas where I’m sure the knock won’t come I have cotton jammies.  Many opt for merino wool for winter.

Daily makeup includes a tinted sunscreen moisturizer and Vaseline lip balm.  I don’t color my hair. It is mid-back in length. Favorite styles include a bun, braid, ponytail or wind-blown free. As a nomad, my clothes are about function and easy care.  Life on the road is so much easier when you weren’t on a perpetual vacation of sorts <wink>

My suggestion is to pack for two weeks if you are in a van, then one set of winter wear/summer wear.  Thrift stores are open all year so you could purchase seasonally and give back when you need a new season.  For me that doesn’t work, when I find something that works for me I want to keep it until it is worn out. Your first year will show you what you need, want, and can release.

Happy Adventuring