What! Really?!?

view from my front door

We left Goode Ford in our rearview mirror.  Aimed for Boise, ID and made it.  Spent the night at a Cracker Barrell with permission of the manager and ready to head for Oregon.

Good Morning check engine light … Really?!?  I pull out my handy dandy code checker and sure enough, the same code plus a new one.  No worries, right?  A Ford dealer will assist.  Wrong!  They will only assist if they sale the heavy-duty work trucks.  The only service center is two hours back in the opposite direction than we are headed.  I call.  I was told, yes they service RV’s.  I told them I’m 2 hours out, her reply “OK”.

When I arrived at Moutain Home Auto Ranch, I’m informed they can get to me at the end of August.  It’s August 1, now.  She clears the codes and sends me on my way.  (Really? Not happy at all about that turn of events.)

After driving fifteen minutes and it’s on again.  It’s driving fine and I’ve wasted a full day of travel time going here to there and having Ford dealers waste my time before I even arrived at Mountain Home.

Yes, I did call Goode Ford and asked what they recommended, and without heading back 2 days drive to them, they recommended and was surprised about the lack of service Ford provided.  My decision to drive west instead of returning east was the fact I was a day from my destination going west.

I land at the same Cracker Barrel and have a fantastic salad to share with the pups.  They ate the chicken, I at the rabbit food.  The next morning, we head west.  Maybe Oregon will have better service departments than western Idaho.

Now, the light is still on, it’s still running good (not excellent), and we are camped for a couple of days while I get some work done.  Then we’ll see how this proceeds.  I  chose a ford dealer for the support I thought I would get along the way.  A mom and pop shop could have given me the same amount of support.  Remember my experience in case you have RV/truck issues while traveling.