Why I chose the RV lifestyle

Rv Life, Rv living, boondocking, powwows, metaphysics, ghosthunting, magick

When I decided to do this, I didn’t know there was a community of others that actually did it.  I decided to go on the road full-time as I finished my grieving process for my hubby and mother.  They passed within 21 days of each other.  (Ok, so I admit the grief is still here at times.)  

Hubby and I lived (stationary) in our truck slide in camper for five years.  When he passed, Mom said we’d travel the lower 48 andRv Life, Rv living, boondocking, powwows, metaphysics, ghosthunting, magick maybe Alaska in her Class-C.  While neither are with me physically, if their spirit wants to travel we’re on the road again.

I sat in my new rocker recliner looking at my stuff and heard  ‘pack up and go.’  Yeah, a melancholy sort of day.  Then I really began to think about.  My parents didn’t travel because of perceived responsibilities. I never vacationed but one time with hubby, he was a work-a-holic.  What kept me from ‘packing and going?’  I thought on it for awhile and couldn’t think of a thing.  All the girls were married with their own families.  My era of being a stay at home mom had ended.

Then decided I would pack my belongings in a utility trailer and personal items in the Class-C inherited from Mom, and rent the homestead for two years while I decide if the nomad life was for me.  My utility trailer and slide in camper sit in the rear of my first field out of the way of the new occupants.  

Cleo, a Westie, and Joe, a pom, are my traveling companions.  We boondock a lot and use the Flying J dump stations.  

It was a joy to hear my second born to tell a fellow RVer, “Finally, she’s doing it.”